Canada and Japan follow EU and USA in tighter sanctions against Russian diamonds

On March 1, a ban on the import of diamonds of Russian origin into the EU came into force; Canada and Japan also introduced similar restrictive measures. The United States previously introduced its own ban on Russian diamond products.


Nornickel adopts updated environmental strategy

The board of directors of Norilsk Nickel has approved an updated environmental and climate change strategy, as well as the key focus areas for achieving carbon neutrality.


De Beers ready for new G7 diamond import requirements

De Beers has confirmed that it anticipates no disruption to its diamond supply ahead of new diamond import requirements from G7 nations starting today (1 March).


Lucapa incurs loss after tax of $17.2 million

Lucapa Diamond recorded a loss after tax of $17.2 million for the year 2023, compared to $15.1 million in 2022, after recognising a non-cash impairment charge of $13.4 million in respect of Mothae’s Property Plant and Equipment.


EU significantly reduced copper imports from Russia

The EU member states purchased 62,372 tons of copper from Russia in 2023, which is 79% lower than the previous year, Vedomosti newspaper reports.


Diamond certification head hits out at G7 plans to target Russian producers

28 november 2023

( - The incoming chair of the international certification scheme for conflict diamonds has hit out at a plan by the G7 group of developed nations to track and trace Russian diamonds, warning of “irreparable harm” to African producers.