GemsCouture- avant-garde by Victor Moiseikin

Jewelry items and precious souvenirs of the MOISEIKIN jewelry brand are in the museums and private collections of world celebrities, representatives of the political and cultural elite - from Xi Jinping to the British Windsors, from Angela Merkel to...

05 june 2024

Oksana Senatorova: The trend is a decrease in regional jewelry retailers and an increase in large federal store chains

Oksana Senatorova has long been known in the Russian jewelry community as an expert in the jewelry market. During her visit to the Junwex New Russian Style exhibition held in May in St. Petersburg, Oksana Senatorova answered the Rough&Polished correspondent’s...

28 may 2024

De Beers collaborates with sightholders on carbon neutrality

In 2021 De Beers, which has operations in southern Africa and Canada, set an ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The diamond miner had been working with its rough diamond customers known as sightholders to understand their environmental...

20 may 2024

Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge: KP has an opportunity to deliver an updated definition of conflict diamonds

Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that the KP has the perfect set of circumstances to restore the certification scheme's credibility by backing, ushering in and implementing an effective traceability solution for the...

13 may 2024

Zimnisky: Diamonds are incongruent with Anglo's longer-term strategy of focusing on commodities for green infrastructure

It was recently reported that the diversified miner Anglo American, which is subject to a takeover by BHP Group for $39 billion, is considering selling its subsidiary De Beers. New York-based independent diamond and jewellery analyst Paul Zimnisky told...

06 may 2024

De Beers trading on a rough patch

10 june 2024

De Beers, 85% owned by Anglo American, is arguably the world’s leading diamond mining company by value and second largest by volume after Russia's Alrosa. The miner produced 31.9 million carats in 2023, down 8% compared to 34.6 million carats recorded in 2022.

ALROSA and Angola: A farewell bow

03 june 2024

In July 2023, a flagship recognition event African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) established by the African Leadership Organization and the publishers of the African Leadership Magazine UK was held at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The glorious and representative event was attended by the members of the British House of Lords, ministers, representatives of the royal dynasties of a number of African states, and high-profile leaders of transnational corporations. Two months later, the Special Congressional Commendation for African-US cooperation in the development of the Africa-US relations was handed out at the International Forum on Afro-Caribbean Leadership (IFAL) held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel on the sidelines of the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

JCK Las Vegas Set to Show State Of U.S. And Other Markets

27 may 2024

It's that time of year again – the end of May and start of June means the JCK Las Vegas show has arrived. Along with the Hong Kong diamond and jewelry shows that take place in March and September, the huge Las Vegas fair is critical in determining the state of the global diamond and jewelry business.

How will the takeover of Anglo American and the sale of De Beers affect the diamond market?

13 may 2024

The potential takeover of Anglo American plc was one of the most widely discussed topics in the expert community analyzing commodity markets in May. Two mining giants, BHP Group Limited and Glencore plc, showed their interest in acquiring the company, and their market capitalization significantly exceeds that of the potential takeover target.

Corruption in mining sector puts a stain on green energy future

06 may 2024

Apparently, the world is moving in a new direction in terms of its energy needs, starting to embrace carbon neutrality and trying to combat climate change. Even though these new developments are off to a slow start, considerable resources are being allocated to this goal.

Blockchain as a new tax on the diamond industry

22 april 2024

After Russian rough and polished diamonds were given the ‘persona non grata’ status by the G7 countries, the efforts of the established market players have been and are aimed at ‘sifting the wheat from the chaff’ - how to reliably segregate the ‘bad’ Russian rough and polished diamonds from the ‘good’ ones supplied by other producers and manufacturers?

The nickel market has bottomed out but remains Indonesia-bound

15 april 2024

The LME nickel price gained 6 percent in the first quarter to a short-term $18,500 a ton, which was a small consolation after a 45-percent decline last year due to surplus production of Class 2 nickel in Indonesia and sluggish demand. In addition to the short squeeze, the delays in issuing nickel mining permits in Indonesia (RKAB) and the monsoon in the Philippines, the second largest producer of this raw material, contributed to the price rebound.  

Platinum crisis: Declining metal prices lead to significant job losses

08 april 2024

In response to the current state of metal prices, Zimplats, the Zimbabwean unit of Impala Platinum Holdings, has decided to implement a voluntary retrenchment exercise for its employees as a cost-cutting measure.

Norilsk Nickel’s financial results for the second half of 2023: Steady profitability despite a decreased revenue

01 april 2024

On February 9, Norilsk Nickel presented the company’s financial statements for the second half of 2023 in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The main financial indicators were close to market expectations. Taking into account a strong decline in prices for base metals, an important result was that the profitability remained almost unchanged.

Many a mickle make a muckle: can new diamond mines support the current production volumes?

25 march 2024

Currently, diamond deposits discovered in the middle of last century make up the overwhelming majority of the global production. The depletion of their reserves for open-pit mining explains the transition to underground mining, which significantly increases the cost of rough diamonds and can lead to suspending or even shutting down a mining enterprise when the diamond market’s activity is low.

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