Indian Diamond Industry to Resume Rough Diamond Imports from 15th December 2023

The Indian gem & jewellery industry announces  that the voluntary suspension of rough diamond imports, which was in effect from 15th October to 15th December 2023, will be lifted on 15th December 2023.

08 december 2023

Anglo American Platinum to meet 2023 production, cost guidance

Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) is expected to meet its 2023 production and cost guidance despite a broad set of external pressures.

08 december 2023

Botswana Diamonds identifies four anomalies close to the KX36 project

Botswana Diamonds will embark on follow-up ground geophysics on four anomalies that were identified in the Kalahari close to the company's KX36 project.

08 december 2023

Marula completes Blesberg lithium, tantalum drilling ahead of schedule

Marula Mining has completed the Phase 1 and 2 diamond drilling at its Blesberg lithium and tantalum mine in South Africa ahead of schedule.

08 december 2023

Miners down tools at Wesizwe’s Bakubung Platinum Mine

Wesizwe Platinum says employees at its Bakubung Platinum Mine in South Africa have embarked on an illegal sit-in.

08 december 2023

Norilsk Nickel presents metals market review

05 december 2023

Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper presents the twelfth review of the nickel, copper and platinum group metals (PGM) markets.

Time to Tackle the Diamond Industry’s Pre-Pandemic Challenges

01 december 2023

( - Economic headwinds, Chinese caution and the threat of lab-grown are the trade’s current concerns. But the recurring difficulties that existed before Covid-19 have not gone away.

Diamond certification head hits out at G7 plans to target Russian producers

28 november 2023

( - The incoming chair of the international certification scheme for conflict diamonds has hit out at a plan by the G7 group of developed nations to track and trace Russian diamonds, warning of “irreparable harm” to African producers.

Norilsk Nickel notes the return of some of the company's metal buyers

17 november 2023

Some of the clients of Norilsk Nickel, who refused to purchase the company's metals earlier, now come and discuss the return and contracts for 2024, according to the company's director for contacts with the investment community Mikhail Borovikov cited by INTERFAX.

Battery metals lose lustre as surge in supply outpaces demand

14 november 2023

( - In the fast-moving world of battery metals, 2022 already feels like a bygone era. Back then, prices were soaring, automakers were fretting about long-term shortages and Elon Musk was describing lithium costs as “insane.” 

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