DiaMondaine Diamantaires Club mulls diamond safari tours in southern Africa

DiaMondaine Diamantaires Club (DDC) is set to organise diamond safari tours in southern Africa, home to major diamond-producing countries. DDC founder Agnes Abdulahu told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that the launch of the first diamond safari...

15 july 2024

Vladislav Zhdanov: Questions of efficiency and investment potential of diamond mining versus diamond growing pique keen interest

Vladislav Zhdanov is Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE). He told Rough&Polished about new researches into the effectiveness of diamond production methods.

02 july 2024

Why it's expensive to cut and polish diamonds in Africa? ADMA president António Oliveira has the answer

The African Diamond Manufacturers Association (ADMA) president António Oliveira told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that the lack of a robust infrastructure in Africa fails to accelerate and encourage manufacturing...

24 june 2024

Edahn Golan: IPO feasible but not Anglo’s preferred way to sell De Beers

Edahn Golan, owner of the eponymous Edahn Golan Diamond Research and Data, told Rough&Polished's Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that while an IPO of De Beers is “feasible,"  he does not think this is a route Anglo American...

17 june 2024

GemsCouture- avant-garde by Victor Moiseikin

Jewelry items and precious souvenirs of the MOISEIKIN jewelry brand are in the museums and private collections of world celebrities, representatives of the political and cultural elite - from Xi Jinping to the British Windsors, from Angela Merkel to...

05 june 2024

Lucapa builds new wastewater treatment facility at Mothae Mine

31 may 2023
Lucapa Diamond constructed a new wastewater treatment facility at its 70%-owned Mothae Mine in Lesotho to dispose of its wastewater in a more environmentally sound way.
The plant, it said, can process up to 80 cubic metres of raw sewage per day and treat the mine's grey and black water, producing safe and disposable effluent and waste.
The diamond mining company said in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report for 2022 that the mine previously disposed of its wastewater using honeysuckers or sewage trucks, which would drive more than 100 kilometres from the mine several times a day to the nearest disposal facility.
“It was not only an inefficient use of resources but also a costly disposal method,” said Lucapa.
“A conventional activated sludge treatment plant was constructed at Mothae and commissioned in 2022. The Maluti Mountains, where Mothae is situated, have extreme weather fluctuations, therefore, the plant has been housed in a facility to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained for optimal biological population growth.”
Meanwhile, Lucapa said its 40%-owned Sociedade Mineira do Lulo (SML) has a team at the Lulo Mine that monitors and minimises environmental impact across the concession.
“The team has set about revegetating the disturbed land by setting up a small trial nursery to germinate plants from seeds of trees native to the surrounding area,” it said.
“While grassland on the concession regenerates itself, the trees do so at a much slower rate. Various species of native trees are being grown at the trial nursery and planted over disturbed land to revegetate it.”

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished