De Beers: Some sightholders unable to meet environmental commitments

The diamond miner had been working with its rough diamond customers known as Sightholders to understand their environmental commitments and journey towards carbon neutrality. It developed, with the help of the Carbon Trust, a set of tools that it requires...


Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge: KP has an opportunity to deliver an updated definition of conflict diamonds

Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that the KP has the perfect set of circumstances to restore the certification scheme's credibility by backing, ushering in and implementing an effective traceability solution for the...

13 may 2024

Zimnisky: Diamonds are incongruent with Anglo's longer-term strategy of focusing on commodities for green infrastructure

It was recently reported that the diversified miner Anglo American, which is subject to a takeover by BHP Group for $39 billion, is considering selling its subsidiary De Beers. New York-based independent diamond and jewellery analyst Paul Zimnisky told...

06 may 2024

ODC managing director Mmetla Masire: We need to be responsible and not oversupply the market

Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) managing director Mmetla Masire told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that there is still a lot of inventory and there is a need for all players in the diamond industry to trade responsibly...

22 april 2024

Varvara Dmitrieva: The jewelry industry of Yakutia is distinguished by its creativity, unique cultural code and conservation of traditions

Varvara Dmitrieva, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Precious Stones and Metals Processing Technologies of the North-Eastern Federal University, told Rough&Polished about the results of the Forum of jewelry Craftsmanship and the prospects...

16 april 2024

ART-MOSCOW Jewelry Street

19 april 2024

The Moscow Gostiny Dvor event hall hosts the ART MOSCOW fair of modern, classical and jewelry art, which unites four sections: Antiques, Design Gallery, Contemporary Art and Jewelry Art.

Having shaped the Russian art market in the late 1990s, ART MOSCOW was revived after the pandemic as a fine arts fair, with the participation of contemporary art galleries, antique dealers, designers and jewelry artists.

The current 21st edition of ART MOSCOW dedicated to the Co-Existence theme, presents art as “an important space of dialogue and a unique form of community, built on the confluence of values and meanings that are different from each other.”

The recently created “Jewelry Street” already occupies a significant part of the event’s space and represents 45 stalls by artist from different regions of Russia. There are items from 30 of the best brands in Russia - both well-known such as Maxim Demidov and Casting House (at the Yakut Diamonds stall) and relatively new.

Compared to last year, eight new companies were added, including many new names: Liza Borzaya (working in a modern, witty style), Vladimir Markin (fruits and plants made of titanium), Evgeniy Danilov (youth segment), Mikhail Osipov (jewelry with brightly colored stones).


The current jewelry section, as usual, features a lot of jewelry with large multi-carat colored stones (Sri Lankan sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, Yakut diamonds, Brazilian emeralds). Among other things, the Art Deco trend is on a roll, especially in the premium segment - Argentov and Cappulo stand out for their interesting collections in this style. Experts also note trends towards unisex and futurism.

The fair also includes a program on jewelry art. Discussions are held on “Art-fashion” and “Revival of Russian jewelry” (with the participation of experts in the field of luxury jewelry brands) themes. There will be a day dedicated to creative industries with master classes, lectures and dialogues.

Galina Semyonova for Rough&Polished